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When chaos is at it’s peak in a city, and becomes a hive of violence, depravity, and lawlessness it is destroyed. This is known throughout realities as a common denominator. The histories don’t log the truth, the rubble left behind doesn’t equal the mass of the city that was taken. That is because there is an plane of existence known as the engine, who’s workers hunt down the chaos and transport it inside. The workers, known as the faceless, are bizarre living machines who’ve mastered time and space. The faceless easily conceal the destruction and move on. Because these living machines can travel through time and realities, the same city could be taken twice.

The living creatures trapped inside lead the life of a prisoner. Spells and other plane transportation are cut off for all but a specific caste of the faceless. When a living creature dies in the engine, their soul is transported to one of many receptacles inside the prison core. The receptacle forces the soul to spend power through it to create a new body. For some this can take a long time, weeks even, but for those who use magic their new body is formed quickly. Being reformed quickly is not exactly a boon, as the faceless torture their prisoners with repetitive memorization of law. Yet again, for those who easily adapt to law, it is not a particular boon. Once the living creature has been forced into the “proper lawful outlook” it is given a choice. Be freed into the city below, or die and be reincarnated somewhere on their homeplanet as a child, only to remember fragments of their past life. If you cannot obtain the “proper lawful outlook” the faceless desire, you are fed to a minimum, drained of your power (if any, leaving you fatigued) and can look for more lectures on law come morning.

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